Monday, November 07, 2005

WS TOUR-"Yo! Bumrush The Show"

...thanks Atlanta. For the weather, the food, the show... It was all very dope.
We ate at Gladys Knight's Chicken & Waffles on Peachtree St. Everybody was satisfied and ready to get back to the hotel abd crash. But there's no time to sleep out here. We had to get to soundcheck. Etc. Etc. The highlight of the night was being approached by Professor Griff of the Legendary Hip Hop group Public Enemy as soon as I left the stage. He called my name like he knew me! Like, "Yo! Vursatyl!". I shook his hand like I had to the rest of the crowd. Did a double take and my jaw hit the floor. Professor Griff from arguably one of the most important groups in Hip Hop history. I was litterally speechless at the fact that he was at our show and he was feelin US!!! Public Enemy has a new album coming out. They are a huge part of why we decided to do this. So that was a major high point in our journey to become the best that we can in this artform. Respect the Architects.


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