Thursday, October 27, 2005


...we went right to the Real Jerk. A Jamaican restaraunt down on Queen Street in Toronto. Wooo!!! Chicken Roti! Ackee & Salt Fish!!! Rice & Peas! YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND!!! We always get a little bit juiced about food on tour because we are reduced to eating every form of fast food, or Denny's style blahhh blahhh. Whatever's open after the show. So everyone is on beam when we get to eat some real food. This is the Gutterfly experience so we had to dip over to Yonge Street and cop some wears. U know I'm always swoopin' them "Top Secret Ones". What ya'll know about the Navy Patton Leather with the Burgandy Swoosh??? Haha! Milky!!! Quit playin! My man Jumbo steady on them vintage spots and got dirty on some diggin. On with the new... I finally got the skin I was wanting for my Ipod. I don't move without it. I got the 3G 40G. So it's hard to find joints to fit mine. Time to upgrade. Lol! Oh yeah, of course I had to get that new Slum Village album. For those of u who don't know, I'm an SV fan. Yeah, I wanna see the original line-up do it again but, I can't front on Elzhi. That cat is a beast! You know T3 still embodies that old Slum vibe. So, I'm still ridin' wit ya'll. Baatin if u out there get at us dawg! Word. We rocked at a spot called the Reverb. We've played ther several times. But last night was real dope. One Love to all the Kings and Queens that came and blessed the spot. Good to see ya'll out. We had a good time. So many Lifesavas supporters in T Dot. We wasn't knowin! So many of ya'll came and showed love. That was good to see. I'm documenting it here and now so that everyone can see I wasn't fakin'. "Gutterfly" is almost done! Lookout out for the new album coming in 2006. Bar any mis-haps, we're lookin at this spring. Some of what you will here on the album was recorded right there in Toronto in our Hotel Room on Lakeshore Drive. That's my word. We pullin double duty out here. It's a beautiful thing. Stay tuned.


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