Friday, October 21, 2005


...aight, once again we've been fortunate enough to play the legendary FIRST AVENUE club in Minneapolis, MN. For those of you who don't know, this is the same club that all of those classic live performance scenes were shot for Prince's debut blockbuster film "Purple Rain". A lot of history was made in that club. Too many artists to name. Let your imagination run wild and chances are many of our most influential artists have touched that stage. Coming out of those dressing rooms and onto that stage is an immediate high. Not to mention, getting as much love as we receive every time we play Minneapolis. As soon as we pulled into town I knew it was gonna be a good day. We've been on tour for a couple of weeks and after dealing with shady billing, faulty sound and other road drama, u look forward to those nights when u can catch a vibe and really zone out in what made us wanna do this in the first place. So when all u have to worry about is getting on stage and giving everything u have, it's a beautiful thang. Peace to all of the people who came up to us and expressed how they had been down since the start. Cats repeatedly told me how they had seen every show we had done out here or anywhere near here. That's dope! I'm feelin that. That's how we are. We'll drive for miles to catch some good music and see our favorite artists. Matter of fact, I've been know to fly out to see shows that I know won't make it to where I live. So it's always dope to talk to people who are passionate about their music. Headed to the Chi right now. I'll get at ya'll in the a.m. Be Well VURSATYL


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