Wednesday, October 19, 2005

mmmm, cheese steak here we go on the latest... We did the Colorado cities this past weekend. Denver, Boulder and Fort Collins. Whew!!! That was insane. So we get to Denver and somehow they've managed to switch the venue at the last minute. Crazy! I talked to one women who was almost in tears because she went to the scheduled club and watched an entire show waiting for us to take to the stage. Only to find out that the show had been moved. She came to the new venue about 30min before curfew and couldn't believe that she had missed the entire show. Fortunately Boulder, CO and Fort Collins, CO were not far away. She was able to come to the other shows. There were other people that had similar encounters. Hopefully we'll get back to Colorado soon and get a chance to rock for anyone who broke out in the confusion. All I can say true believers is "IT WASN'T US"!!! Haha! Needless to say there was a lot of love in Boulder and Fort Collins. To my people the treated me to the Cheese Steak... Good Lookin!!! That jawn was lovely! Shines and Jumbo had already tried to put me up on that Bodega across the street from the Fox Theatre. If ur ever in Boulder "Don't Sleep". Fort Collins, CO is prolly one our most enthusiastic markets. People are always at us tough about their favorite songs from Spirit In Stone. Honestly, I love that! It's dope to be makin music and see that people connect with it on a real level. Hellohihey and What If It's True are some titles that I heard people yelling for. My man stage right kept yelling State Of The World!!! Head Exercise!!! But I have to say I never had that many requests for Skeletons in one city. I think everyone I talked to after the show wanted to hear Skeletons. Deep. That's the one song we didn't do that night... We can't do everything. I know that we'll be back though. Big up Fort Collins. We had fun.


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