Monday, October 24, 2005

windy city

...last night we rolled into the Windy City. It's tough to go there because u know u ain't gonna wanna leave! It was a packed house at the Abbey Pub. Can't front when we first walked in it look like somethin out of a House Of Pain video. No dis, we just "hushed the crowd" when we came in. It didn't take long to see, we had obviously took a wrong turn into the dining room area. We would later come back to this part of the club and have a pretty cool meal. But at first glance.... Whoa. The show was dope though. It was crackin. But the Twilight Zone episodes don't stop. Why was MC Brainz at our show? Haha! Word. Some of the older heads may remember that cat. Early 90's cat who was made famous during that whole Michael Bivins/Biv 10/East Coast Family movement. Wich basically gave birth to the r&b group Boyz II Men. Well anyway, he got down wit them. He had a song called "Oochie Coochie" that made some noise. "Oochie Coochie" at an underground Hip Hop show??? Ill, right? Enough of that. Chicago is dope! I love the city. The vibe. The energy. It's one of my favorite places to perform. Why do we only get to be there for a day? Gotta come out and spend at least a week. Go shoppin. Get some good food. Feel Me? My man Sapien took us to the hood today. I always go to the hood if there's a second. Didn't get to get a haircut. But we did get to go check Cabrini Green Housing Projects. It's crazy to see the gentrification spreadin' through so many hoods.. Cop boxes on every block. Don't let me get started. Aight ya'll. I gotta jet. Get at ya'll tomorrow. Be well, VURSATYL


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