Thursday, October 27, 2005

fight club

...Cleveland was actually dope this time. I have to admit we've had some sketchy outings in Cleveland. But this time, Cleveland was on point. As soon as we pull up to the club, there's about 4 security guards draggin these two local mc's out of the club. Haha! I know it's cruel to laugh, but u kinda had to be there. 2 kids trying there best to get at each others throats. Yelling and screamin' while being strong armed by security. But yet neither one of them really wanted to be let go... Feel me? It's freezing outside, and at one point, one kid takes his shirt off as if that would spur some sort of super human strength. Only to wind up getting wrestled back to the ground by security. Get this, the security's solution to the problem was "Okay, we're gonna count to 3, and when we get to 3, u run that way and u run the opposite way. Okay? 1, 2, 3..." Uhhh NO! Of course these guys go right back at each other. Pure Comedy! Nobody was hurt or really even through a punch. What really made it comical was to get inside the club and find out that it all started because one of the local MC's was in the crowd getting his heckle on, while the other was on stage trying to perform. It got personal and thus the wrestling match began. I can't give any specifics, but picture Marky Mark Walberg in a sling shot circa 1991 trying to fight Butter Bean the ultimate fight charachter in the middle of a suburb in Cleveland, OH. Strange!!! And it don't stop!


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