Thursday, November 03, 2005

rush hour

...we had a day off yesterday. We left B-More around 3pm. Why did we do that. Can u say "Rush Hour Traffic"??? We were enroute to Atlanta which is about an 11 hour drive from Baltimore. Halfway to Atlanta we had been requested to come thru a radio station in Greensboro, NC called WUAG

Very dope! We rocked live on the air. It was exactly what we needed. It woke all of us up and put all of us in a good mood. But most of all it got Jumbo wired enough to drive the rest of the way to Atlanta so I could sleep. Haha!!! Yeah. For real, it's a dope show. My man Jack (the host) there is really cool and has a lot of love for Hip Hop. Big up to Jarred (the engineer). They both looked out for us. We played for at least half an hour on air then followed up with a live interview. College radio is where it's at. We just need to know where the late night eats are in Greensboro, NC. Before makin that last haul into Atlanta, cats was scroungin' for a spot eat. Blaah, blaah, blaahh, Denny's AGAIN!!! NOOOOOOO!!!


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