Monday, October 31, 2005

throwin up the "L"

...SOLD OUT!!! Yessir! You ar reading it correctly. Sold out in Middletown, CT in Crowell Concert Hall @ Wesleyan University. We couldn't believe it! It was a Huge hall and @ soundcheck the sound was wack. We all said "here we go again". To our surprise this is arguably the "Best Show Of The Tour". It was auditorium or stadium style seating. Like in a movie theatre. People left they seats and Ey'body was packed in @ the stage or standin in the aisls and on seats. There was so much good energy, it didn't even matter that the sound was wack. We turned that hall into a house party. It was dope. People knew all the words. One dude stood out in the crowd the whole show throwin up the "L". Gotta love that! Basically we left the stage and was like "WHOA!!!". Cats immediately started givin up! "Yo this the best one...!!!" I can't front, it was bananas! Message from Jumbo: "Rubybeth the 1st person to come at Jumbo about what inspired Skeletons. The novel Beloved she wins Megabucks! " For all my people who came. I wish we could've hung out but cats was crazy tired. I had paper work to do. As well as writing to do for this album, so I broke out right after the set. Ususally I like to parlay after the set and rap wit people as much as possible. Ya'll can feel free to hit me up at We can build like that. Be Well.


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