Thursday, November 03, 2005

no room at the Inn! room at the Inn! We had reservations booked for weeks prior to our arrival in Phillie. Somehow the hotel manages to lose our reservation. It's Halloween night, and there is a masquerade ball going on in the hotel lobby and Mezzanine above the lobby. Whoa! I was reminded that Halloween is an excuse for adults to get as close to being totally naked in public, as humanly possible. Haha! The cats were outside unloading the van, as usual, while I was "checking-in". Yeah, I was "checking-in", but I was having so much drama, I had to get a little comic relief by peeping some of those costumes. There were several "Adam and Eves". Several "Adam and Steves". One couple wore nothing but Hoola Hoops. Nurses, Lil Jon look-alikes, Trapeze Artists, Gypsies, Belly Dancers, She-Devils, He-Devils, Skinny Dippers, Britney Spears Impersonators, and my personal favorite Halle Berry "Catwoman" wannabees. All the while, the person at the front desk just DOESN'T WANT TO GIVE US ANY ROOMS!!! This Person seemed to be getting some sort of twisted pleasure from watching me look completely bewildered! This was the result of having a reservation confirmation number, same credit card we used to reserve the room with, picture ID, etc.??? And NOTHIN!!! Maybe I should've worn my Suge Knight costume with my attachable "Whoop Hand"...... Haha! Word. Next time. By the time the hotel figures it out, we're supposed to be on stage. Leave the luggage. Hop a cab to the venue. Do the do. Get love. Cheesesteak Time. Cab ride back to the telly.... Stop! Why do I get in a long discussion with a Cab driver from Ethiopia who insists that Hip Hop started in Philadelphia 15 years ago by Stevie Wonder??? What can u say to that? Later!
P.S. Can't forget to say "One Love" to my people 'All Purpose' MC Extraordinare and all around True Hip Hop representative. U the Man 'Purp! Right On for swingin' thru!' And of course our homegirl from the 503rd; Activist, Revolutionary, one half of Good Sista Bad Sista, and one of the Illest Poets I know, Walidah Imarisha. Thanks for comin' Walidah. It means the world to us to see u there! Peace


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