Saturday, November 12, 2005

WS TOUR-"la la land"

...everybody is somebody in LA. You never know who u might see. It never ceases to amaze me. Actor Roger Guenveur Smith was at the show in L.A. He has appeared several movies such as: School Daze, Do The Right Thing, Panther, Deep Cover, Malcom X, Eve's Bayou, King Of New York, All About The Benjamins, Poetic Justice, Tales From The Hood, Get On The Bus, He Got Game, Summer Of Sam, etc. But you've got to see his one man production, the powerful play "A Huey P. Newton Story". It's remarkable! We've had a lot of exciting moments on this tour. That was one of 'em. He was real cool. Very humble. That's key. He simply said "incredible". Thank you Bro! One more show until we back in the "P"!!! We have a day off today. But it's all work and no play til "Gutterfly" is complete. So we on our way to record a song for the record while we're here in LA. Quannum is puttin's the heat on blast! It's my fault ya'll. Blame Vurs. I want it to be right. Shines has one request... Roscoes' Chicken & Waffles. We'll see. Jumbo wants to hit the M&M Soul Food Spot. We usually hit the one on Crenshaw. But when I'm movin dolo, I always go to the one in Inglewood on Centinela Ave. You can't lose either way. I want to go see "Get Rich Or Die Tryin'". What?!? Yeah, I'm going to see it. I gotta see what all the fuss is about. Can a 50 Cent movie be much more violent than an afternoon with Rev. Shines??? I think not. Jus kiddin'. I'm still in awe of the Gangter Shines I saw in SD. Note: Shines has never read these blogs so I get to take shots at him. Shhhhh!!! Aight ya'll, it's my day-off!!! Later

Friday, November 11, 2005


...shines is Gangsta! I ain't never seen Shines like that. We had to hold Shines back last night. Apparently one of the bouncers at the club had got all up in Shines face. Accusing him of being "asleep" at the Merchandise Table. The dude was lookin' for a reason to flash on somebody. He walked up and SLAPPED Shines on the back and says, "you can't sleep in the booth". Shines had just got off the stage and was just resting his head on his arm t the merch booth. Dude started buggin' out yellin @ Shines "YOU'RE OUTTA HERE!!!"
"I don't care what u just finished doing!" That did it. Shines started lettin dude have it!!! Shines was face to face blasting this dude. "Get him Shines!!!" Okay, I shouldn't instigate. We're all fairly laid back cats. But this dude was outta line. Straight up. I was told they have some sort of law that if u have ur head down, like resting on a bar or a table, the tavern can be cited for "over-serving". Wouldn't that have been easier to say, than to cause all of that unnecessary drama? The rest of the staff was real cool. We had been there about a year ago and played to less people. This time there was a dope crowd there. Couple had driven in from other cities to our set. It was a dope show. That's why it was so frustrating having the "over-zelous bouncer" killin our high. We had family and friends from Portland there. Some we knew and others we met for the first time. Regardlesss, it was fam in there. Gotta love that. Next Stop... L.A.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

WS TOUR-"It's A Wrap!!!"

...what can I say... All we did all day was drive. 19 hours to be exact. We did stop in a few select Truck Stops along the way. The variety of 64 oz. coffee mugs that they sell at those joints is STUNNING!!!
...we got to San Diego, CA around 5:30am West Coast Time. Check-In time is 3pm... This could get ugly.
After Shines does a considerable amount of groveling, they place us in a couple of handicapped rooms. We're not trippin', but a couple things come to mind. First, what if a handicapped person needs the room? Second, since we're in the handicapped rooms, does the $500.00 fine posted above the handicapped parking space apply to us??? Just kidding. We didn't take the space... As for the rooms... It's A Wrap!!! Cats ain't budgin' no time soon.

Tonite it's SD! Home of World Famous Anchorman 'Ron Burgundy'.

Stay Classy San Diego!

Monday, November 07, 2005

WS TOUR-"quick & eazy lube"

Top 5 Things to do while ur in Denton, TX...
1.Banking/Balance ur tour account books.
2.Record/Book shopping.
3.Take ur car to EZ Lube.
4.Try the Thai Food Restaraunt
5.Hang outside the Quick Trip and pour out a lil' sum'n for the homies who ain't here.
And then we bounced... Peace to Hailey's for havin us. Peace to Bryan from Wherehouse Cd's and Tapes.

WS TOUR-"i only wanna be"

...we slept all day in Austin. We had driven all night. Thirteen hours straight! So cats was crazy tired and in deperate need of a shower. We played a spot called Emo's. Kinda weird spot. Me and Bretto walked in and thought for sure we were i n the wrong place. Hootie and The Blowfish were on stage going at it full fledge! Full out! And it wasn't even showtime yet. Okay, it wasn't actually Hootie and The Blowfish but u get the visual. No dis to HATBF, but I thought to myself "they must get a really diverse crowd..." "Oh! We're on the wrong side of the club? Whew!!!" Cool. We'd played Austin several times before. Even when we didn't have any formal releases and Austin gave us love. This was no different. Love! Good lookin' Austin. I gotta chance to hang out after the set since I had slept all day. I met a lot of people who were down with carious organizations regarding social change and empowering the people to use our voices to bring change. We support u. Thanks for the info. A brotha who had been forced out of New Orleans due to hurricane opened the show. His name is "Truth". It was a pleasure to open the stage for somone devistated in that horrible tragedy.. Or should I call it Government Abandon? However you wanna put it, we can all play a role. Austin was so live! I can't wait to come back when the new album is done. Stay tuned.

WS TOUR-"Everything is ablaze!: lifesavas"

Yo RB, All the love is coming back at ya. Sorry for the broken link. Hard to blog with a MIC in your hand! Feel me?

WS TOUR-"Yo! Bumrush The Show"

...thanks Atlanta. For the weather, the food, the show... It was all very dope.
We ate at Gladys Knight's Chicken & Waffles on Peachtree St. Everybody was satisfied and ready to get back to the hotel abd crash. But there's no time to sleep out here. We had to get to soundcheck. Etc. Etc. The highlight of the night was being approached by Professor Griff of the Legendary Hip Hop group Public Enemy as soon as I left the stage. He called my name like he knew me! Like, "Yo! Vursatyl!". I shook his hand like I had to the rest of the crowd. Did a double take and my jaw hit the floor. Professor Griff from arguably one of the most important groups in Hip Hop history. I was litterally speechless at the fact that he was at our show and he was feelin US!!! Public Enemy has a new album coming out. They are a huge part of why we decided to do this. So that was a major high point in our journey to become the best that we can in this artform. Respect the Architects.