Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Technology 101 & The Lost Blaxploitation Scrolls

Check 1, 2. Check 1, 2. Can ya'll hear me? What ya'll know about that audio blog? Hopefully you got off the late train and started listening to the daily 'get down'. Thanks to the Angel on our shoulder, we have taken another step in to the futuristic vibe of Gutterfly and become one of the first to expand the phenomenon of blogging. Enter The Audio Blog. Our collective daily journal in audio clips as mp3's for those of us who'd rather hear it than read it. Feel me? Just in case we missed someof ya'll, we wanna make sure you can still get the written tid-bits. So here it goes... To bring ya'll up to speed, we made a brief excursion to the Bay Area to mix songs that will potentially go on the new Lifesavas LP entitled Gutterfly. I mentioned that I wanted to give the fans the actual math on Gutterfly before unreliable sources leaked the info we've attempted to keep quiet until now. Originally Gutterfly was a movie that was conceived during the Blaxploitation era. The movie was never completed. But we got our hands on the remnants of it and we were given permission to record it's soundtrack. WOW!!!! You'll have to buy the CD in order to get the entire breakdown on how this "MIRACLE" took place. In short, it's a mixture of actual and ficticious events that come together as an amazing ride. Starring Bumpy Johnson, Sleepy Floyd :brother to (Mink Floyd), and Jimmy Slimwater. Co-Starring, Dead Prez, Camp-Lo, Smif N Wessun, Ishmael"Butterfly" Butler, Fishbone, and Vernon Reid of Living Colour. Gettin' it? Got It? Good! I'll get more details to you all later. You'll just have to tune in to see how this one ends.



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