Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Tiny Bubbles

The only thing dope about Breckenridge, CO was this one man band style lounge singer we had the pleasure of seeing. It was hilarious!
We were at this spot called Bubba Gumps. The waitress brings us menus and simultaneously hands us an extensive list of songs that a 'live'entertainer would be willing to sing upon requests. Man, this cat had a repitoir of at least 300 songs. We're in Breckenridge, CO mind you. Very upscale. Very ritzy, ski-town. So use ur imagination on the type of songs there were to chose from. Simply put, this musical selection would have made Pat Boone and John Denver very proud.
It was just him, an accoustic guitar, and one of those harmonicas on a neck brace type things... Well it was this cats' job to play whatever the patrons selected. And if he did a good job, we(patrons) were supposed to tip him. So of course, being the deviant that I am, I scoured that list to find the songs that would push his musical range to the max. :) Amidst the slew of Barry Manilow and Conway Twitty covers, I found some challenges for him. 'Hey Ya' by Andre' 3000, 'Reasons' byEarth Wind & Fire and 'Sexual Healing' by Marvin Gaye. Haha!!! I wish I would've had my cam-corder! Classic. One after the other, I requested them. And one after the other, he attempted to pull them off. Whoa. Had to give ur boy credit for knowing that many songs. Althought he gets a capital "E" for effort, these were some of the cheesiest renditions of these songs you'll ever hear. It was something out of an SNL skit!
Now, don't write me off as being too cold. I tipped him after each song... I was genuinely entertained. I laughed so hard I gave myself a headache. The tips were worth it, because that type of comedy... You just can't buy that.
I may not go back to Breckentidge to perform, but I'm definitely coming back to see the Live Entertainment. The one man band. Insane!


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