Sunday, March 12, 2006

Fort Collins

...we had a day off today in Fort Collins. We pulled in to the 'telly'around 2:30pm. Had my own room today. YES!!! We all love each other, butMAN!!! You never know how much you cherish ur own space til' you set outon a road trip of this magnitude. We spend so much time within inches ofeach other, it's healthy to spend some time apart. Thus, "The GreatVursatyl Escape". Haha! Yeah!We've been on tour close to a week, and I have yet to really pack, forthis tour. By pack I mean, have all of my wears in a distinguishableorder and in one place that I can access with reasonable convenience.Feel me? So today is that day. I had to get packed.Aight, I told ya'll the other day I wanted to see the Dave ChappelleBlock Party. Well, I finally saw it!!! Dope! I thought it was sooooodope. Dope to see some of my favorite artists all in one place. The offstage activity and conversattions. It was definitely a historicalevent.What's really crazy is that Lifesavas were in Brooklyn that day. We hadheard that Erykah Badu and Wyclef were giving a free concert that daythrough the rumor mill. We had a flight schedule to go back to Portlandthat afternoon, and it was begining to rain. Also, let it be known wehad just played a free show in Brooklyn the day prior at Brower Parkafter completing a 3 week European tour. We were anxious to get home anddidn't know if the Erykah and Wyclef thing was real. So we opted to flyhome. Come to find out, it was The Dave Chappelle Block Party that wecould have witnessed in person, AND WE MISSED IT!!!!Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!! It's hard to accept. But, it's one ofthings you wouldn't have guessed would ever really materialize.Any, I finally saw it. I think my favorite moments were seeing Big DaddyKane and Kool G Rap perform with Roots. Three ILL MC's killin it on onestage. Classic. A Fugee reunion... Wow. Dave Chappelle is hilarious. Iwas lovin' all of his commentary. Especially his conga accompanied poem.He's dope. I actually thought Dead Prez killed it with the liveperformance of "Hip Hop". I was really feelin that. I could go on andon, but if u ain't seen it, u sleepin on heater. Word.So, after a good day of packing, writing, and cinema, I called a cab totake me to find some food. The receptionist calls me to let me know thecab is there. As soon as I get in the car, I'm reminded that I'm in asmall town in Colorado. This cat was anxious to get me outta his cab."Where do u need to go?" he asks. It's after 10pm, and I had calledseveral resteraunts and 98% of Fort Collins was closed. Through all ofmy inquiries I had found out that infamous "Waffle House" was the onlythe only thing crackin'. So I told the driver, "u can just take me tothe Waffle House". Wich was about 3 miles from where we were staying."That's too far!" as though I had asked him to take me to Denver. This acab service right? He makes money when he takes people where they wantto go right. Not a foreign concept, is it? So I ask, "How much would itbe to take me there?" "I don't know, round $23.00 one way" he says. Mypride was temting me to agree to pay it, just to make him do it. But Iain't wanna pay $46.00 round trip for a Patty Melt and Fries. Hesuggests I go to a near by Tavern called Jackson's Bar & Grill. I'mstarvin', so whatever... $5.00 for the cab ride... I tell him to wait,I'll pay him to wait. I need a ride back to the hotel. Not only does hespeed off when I get out the cab, Jacksons didn't serve food that late.HOW WACK IS THAT!!! So I end up walking back to hotel and just grabbingsome microwavable burritos at some 24hour gas station/mini-market andcall it quits.It's all good. We usually have a good time in Fort Collins, and I don'tthink tomorrow will be any exception.That's it for me today. Hollar at ya'll tomorrow...


At Monday, March 13, 2006 6:06:00 PM, Anonymous Maverick said...

Sorry you had a rough time here in the Fort. It was a great show though! First time I've heard/seen you guys and you rocked it.

Next time you can hook up with local artists yours truly
and notthesame
They can treat you to a good time. Sounds like you were in South Ft.Fun which is bogus.


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