Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Don't drink and sell Merch

...all of the shows on this tour have been sold out! We played the AggieTheatre in Fort Collins tonight. It was INSANE!!! I've said it beforebut, outside of playing shows at home, Fort Collins crowd might be one of the best crowds we play.
A lot of people drove from the surrounding areas. One love to my cousinTia who came from Denver to check us out and bring a touch of home with her. One cat drove 3 hours to be there. His name was Jorgè. He's a huge Lifesavas fan. Or so he says. Actually he wasn't lyin. He knew every song by heart. He got so drunk, he drifted behind the merchandise table and started selling cd's and t-shirts. Haha!!! He was even telling people he was in the group and even tried to sign autographs! Amazing! Those are the things that have me dying out here. Jorgè, wherever ur at, right on for coming and giving us some comic relief. Hope u decided not to drive home that night.
It's cool to play to a crowd that wants to have a good time. After that show, we didn't have anything left. We were exhausted, in a good way. I feels good to give everything u have when ur getting all of that energy in response. Hype crowds push us to our limits. Plus, this is our 3rd day and we still haven't gotten acclamated to the elevation. So by the time the set is done, we've given everything we could give. Literally!
Thanks for being a dope crowd Fort Collins.


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