Wednesday, March 15, 2006

...but they don't fall down

What can I say about Vail, CO??? Oh, I got it. The floor... It bounces!
You're prolly wondering "What Is Vurs Talkin About???"

Well we play this spot called "8150" when we go to Vail. It implies that
Vail sits 8,150 feet above Sea Level. Dig? It's like an elevated log
cabin style joint. This spot is known for the dance floor that bounces. Okay, u may have seen sum'n like this, but nothing quite this this exreme. It's surreal. When you got 600 people packed in this room, and everyone is jumping up and down, it is literally transformed into one huge trampoline. The entire club is wobbling around as though it had turned into a liquid of some sort. Feel like ur walking on a giant waterbed. Haha! It's kinda dope.
It can get out of control. People were jumping so hard and so much that the turntables and other equipment started to sway back and forth. To the point, it took 2 people to hold the equipment together long enough to finish the set. Bananas!!!
Thanks Vail!

click to visit 8150



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