Friday, November 11, 2005


...shines is Gangsta! I ain't never seen Shines like that. We had to hold Shines back last night. Apparently one of the bouncers at the club had got all up in Shines face. Accusing him of being "asleep" at the Merchandise Table. The dude was lookin' for a reason to flash on somebody. He walked up and SLAPPED Shines on the back and says, "you can't sleep in the booth". Shines had just got off the stage and was just resting his head on his arm t the merch booth. Dude started buggin' out yellin @ Shines "YOU'RE OUTTA HERE!!!"
"I don't care what u just finished doing!" That did it. Shines started lettin dude have it!!! Shines was face to face blasting this dude. "Get him Shines!!!" Okay, I shouldn't instigate. We're all fairly laid back cats. But this dude was outta line. Straight up. I was told they have some sort of law that if u have ur head down, like resting on a bar or a table, the tavern can be cited for "over-serving". Wouldn't that have been easier to say, than to cause all of that unnecessary drama? The rest of the staff was real cool. We had been there about a year ago and played to less people. This time there was a dope crowd there. Couple had driven in from other cities to our set. It was a dope show. That's why it was so frustrating having the "over-zelous bouncer" killin our high. We had family and friends from Portland there. Some we knew and others we met for the first time. Regardlesss, it was fam in there. Gotta love that. Next Stop... L.A.


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