Monday, November 07, 2005

WS TOUR-"i only wanna be"

...we slept all day in Austin. We had driven all night. Thirteen hours straight! So cats was crazy tired and in deperate need of a shower. We played a spot called Emo's. Kinda weird spot. Me and Bretto walked in and thought for sure we were i n the wrong place. Hootie and The Blowfish were on stage going at it full fledge! Full out! And it wasn't even showtime yet. Okay, it wasn't actually Hootie and The Blowfish but u get the visual. No dis to HATBF, but I thought to myself "they must get a really diverse crowd..." "Oh! We're on the wrong side of the club? Whew!!!" Cool. We'd played Austin several times before. Even when we didn't have any formal releases and Austin gave us love. This was no different. Love! Good lookin' Austin. I gotta chance to hang out after the set since I had slept all day. I met a lot of people who were down with carious organizations regarding social change and empowering the people to use our voices to bring change. We support u. Thanks for the info. A brotha who had been forced out of New Orleans due to hurricane opened the show. His name is "Truth". It was a pleasure to open the stage for somone devistated in that horrible tragedy.. Or should I call it Government Abandon? However you wanna put it, we can all play a role. Austin was so live! I can't wait to come back when the new album is done. Stay tuned.


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