Sunday, November 13, 2005

WS TOUR-"Clutch Moments"

...this was it! It was sum'n out of a movie. Championship Game style! All guns were firing yesterday. We left LA on schedule. Got to soundcheck in SF ON TIME!!! That's a big one.
The club "Mezzanine" is dope. Excellent sound system.
Good promo. We were actually on the poster! Haha! (That's another story). Staff was on point. Sound check was thorough. Guest list got handled. We hit the hotel. Got dipped. Got back to the show before our set time actually began. That's another big one. And then, what Shines, Jumbo and I had been building towards this entire tour all came together. It's that moment when it's all just happening beyond your control. Cruise Control or Auto Pilot. Like ur not even involved. Those "Clutch Moments". Everything went right. Perfect! The energy and the make-up of the crowd was like it was hand-picked for us. We hit all the cues, all the transitions were smooth. The 3 of us were movin' like one body. When that hapens...... It's Magic! It was the last night of the tour. But more than that, it's The Bay Area. A very important show for us. Do the math and u should feel me on that. There's always pressure to do well in the bay. But, have no fear. We had a PARTY! I always say "The Crowd Makes The Show". Although we give 100% every night, the crowds energy makes a difference. We had some Die Hard Lifesavas fans in the buildin. Most of all, we had people who came to have a good time in the buildin'. Good lookin SF! That was one for the history books! I just kinda weaved throughout the crowd shortly after our set, just to linger in that good energy. Those are moments to savor. It felt like everyone had as much fun as we did. I appreciate you all for helping to make that one of the best experiences we've ever had in The Bay Area @ a Lifesavas Show. The Tour is Officially over! It's A Wrap! Next Up "Gutterfly"! The New Lifesavas Album! Coming Soon!


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